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Truly Pest Solution is a Pest Management company in association with Truly Nolen International, the Global leader in Pest Management Services. Truly Nolen International was established in 1938 in Miami, Florida. With its specialty lying in commercial Pest management services, Truly Nolen believes in spearheading the movement of utilizing traps and other preventive measures over poisons. Today, Truly Nolen operates in over 53 countries and 5 continents. To better our services for you, we partner with our customers to ensure hassle free service and continually improve our service protocols through training and advanced technology.


Our Services are primarily divided into three broad areas:

Commercial Pest Control:

Specialized Commercial division focuses on industrial and commercial properties and offer integrated pest management services in addition to treatment options.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control technicians are the most commonly seen members of the company equipped for handling most home pests. Our people apply their experience and are committed to solving problems through Research & Development. Our facility consists of laboratory to facilitate R&D Activities.

Termite Protection

Termite protection services employ specialized training in termite and wood destroying organism control techniques and may include fumigators in some areas. Termite pre-treatment is also performed through these divisions. Truly Nolen can employ additional techniques to mitigate damage or appearance degradation from conventional treatment techniques.


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